Kia Sportage: Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) / Recognizing pedestrians

Kia Sportage QL (2015-2023) Owners Manual / Driving your vehicle / Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) / Recognizing pedestrians

- The pedestrian is not fully captured by the camera sensor, or the pedestrian does not walk in the upright position.
- The pedestrian moves very fast.
- The pedestrian abruptly appears in front.
- The pedestrian wears clothes similar in color to the background.
- Conditions outside are too bright or too dark.
- The vehicle drives at night or in the darkness.
- There is an item similar in shape a person’s body structure.
- The pedestrian is small.
- The pedestrian has impaired mobility.
- The pedestrian blends in with their surroundings.
- Sensor recognition is limited by rain, snow, fog, etc.
- There is a group of pedestrians.

WARNING - Testing the AEB

The AEB does not operate in certain situations. Thus, never test-operate the AEB against a person or an object. It may cause a severe injury or even death.

WARNING - AEB and Towing

Cancel the AEB in the User Settings on the LCD display, before towing another vehicle. While towing, the brake application may adversely affect your vehicle safety.


The system may temporarily cancel due to the strong electric waves.

Recognizing vehicles
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