Kia Sportage: Anti-theft System / Siren & ACU (Alarm Control Unit) Specifications

Kia Sportage QL (2015-2021) Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Anti-theft System / Siren & ACU (Alarm Control Unit) Specifications

Siren & ACU (Alarm control unit)
Normal operating voltage
DC 12 V
Operating voltage range
DC 9 - 16 V
Operating temperature
-40 - 185°F (-40 - 85°C)
Dark current
Disarm mode
Max. 0.5 mA (at DC 12 V)
Arm mode
Max. 2.0 mA (at DC 12 V)
Current consumption
Alarm mode
Max. 300 mA (at DC 12 V)

Description and operation
Description Anti-theft device Block diagram • BCM : Arming/Disarming data output • SIREN : Siren ON when discon ...

Siren & ACU (Alarm Control Unit) Components and components location
Component Location ...

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