Kia Sportage: Rear Suspension System / Rear Assist Arm Repair procedures

Kia Sportage QL (2015-2021) Service Manual / Suspension System / Rear Suspension System / Rear Assist Arm Repair procedures

Remove wheel nuts, wheel and tire (A) from hub.
Tightening torque:
107.9 - 127.5 N·m (11.0 - 13.0 kgf·m, 79.6 - 94.0 lb·ft)

Be careful not to damage the hub bolts when removing the wheel & tire.
Loosen the bolt and then remove the rear assist arm.
Tightening torque:
A : 137.3-156.9 N·m (14.0-16.0 kgf·m, 101.3-115.7 lb·ft)
B : 107.9 - 117.7 N·m (11.0 - 12.0 kgf·m, 79.6 - 86.8 lb·ft)

Set up the transmission jack under the lower arm in order to remove the shock absorber in no-load condition.
Install in the reverse order of removal.
Check the wheel alignment.
(Refer to Suspension System - "Alignment")
Check the bushing for wear and deterioration.
Check for all bolts and nuts.
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