Kia Sportage: Door locks / Operating door locks from outside the vehicle

Kia Sportage QL (2015-2021) Owners Manual / Features of your vehicle / Door locks / Operating door locks from outside the vehicle

To remove the cover (For Type C):

1. Pull out the door handle.

2. Press the lever (1) located inside the bottom part of the cover with a key or flat-head screwdriver.

3. Push out the cover while pressing the lever.




If people must spend a longer time in the vehicle while it is very hot or cold outside, there is risk of injuries or danger to life. Do not lock the vehicle from the outside when there are people in it.


Do not open and close the door repeatedly if unnecessary or with excessive force. Such action can damage the vehicle door.


Always remove the ignition key, engage the parking brake, close all windows, and lock all doors when leaving your vehicle unattended.

Door locks

Operating door locks from inside the vehicle
With the door lock button To unlock a door, push the door lock button (1) to the “Unlock” position. The red mark on the button will be visible. To lock a door, push the door lock button ...

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