Kia Sportage: Heater / Heater Unit Components and components location

Kia Sportage QL (2015-2024) Service Manual / Heating,Ventilation And Air Conditioning / Heater / Heater Unit Components and components location

Component Location

1. Heater Unit

[LHD Type]

1. Show Duct [LH]
2. Mode Control Actuator
3. Temperature Control Actuator [LH]
4. PTC Heater Assembly
5. Heater Core Cover
6. Heater Core Assembly
7. Heater Case [LH]
8. Console Case
9. Anti Noise Pad
10. Temperature Door Assembly
11. Floor Door Assembly [LH]
12. Vent Door Assembly [LH]
13. Center Duct Seal
14. Evaporator Core Assembly
15. Auto Defogging Door Assembly
16. Vent Door Assembly [RH]
17. Floor Door Assembly [RH]
18. Heater Case [RH]
19. Shower Duct [RH]
20. Aspirator Hose Assembly
21. Temperature Control Actuator [RH]
22. Auto Defogging Actuator
23. Drain Hose
24. Heater Case [Lower]
25. Anti Noise Pad
26. Flange Seal
27. Flange Rubber

[RHD Type]

1. Shower Duct [LH]
2. Heater Core Cover
3. Heater Cpre Assembly
4. Anti Noise Pad
5. Console Case
6. Heater Case [LH]
7. Evaporator Temperature Sensor
8. Temperature Control Actuator [LH]
9. Mode Control Actuator
10. Heater Blind Case
11. PTC Heater Assembly
12. Heater Case [RH]
13. Temperature Door Assembly
14. Foot Door Assembly
15. Vent Door Assembly
16. Defog Door Assembly
17. Vent Seal
18. Evaporator Core Assembly
19. Anti Noise Pad
20. Heater Case [Lower]
21. Drain Hose
22. Aspirator Hose Assembly
23. Temperature Control Actuator [RH]
24. Shower Duct [RH]


Heater Unit Repair procedures
Replacement 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Recover the refrigerant with a recovery/recycling/charging station. ...

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