Kia Sportage: Indicator Lights / All Wheel Drive (AWD) LOCK Indicator Light

Kia Sportage QL (2015-2019) Owners Manual / Features of your vehicle / Warning and indicator lights / Indicator Lights / All Wheel Drive (AWD) LOCK Indicator Light

This indicator light illuminates:


Do not use AWD LOCK mode on dry paved roads or highway, it can cause noise, vibration or damage of AWD related parts.

SPORT Mode Indicator Light
This indicator light illuminates: When you select “SPORT” mode as drive mode. The SPORT indicator (orange) will illuminate to show that the SPORT is operating. ...

Rear parking assist system
The rear parking assist system assists the driver during backward movement of the vehicle by chiming if any object is sensed within a distance of 47 in. (120 cm) behind the vehicle. This system ...

Other information:

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Description According to driving environment and loading state of vehicle, head lamp lighting direction is changed to keep the driver's visibility range and to protect the driver's vision from glare, aiming at safety driving. Sensor integrated ECU mounting on t ...

Kia Sportage QL (2015-2019) Owners Manual: Tire chains

Since the sidewalls of radial tires are thinner, they can be damaged by mounting some types of snow chains on them. Therefore, the use of snow tires is recommended instead of snow chains. Do not mount tire chains on vehicles equipped with aluminum wheels; snow chains may cause damage to the ...

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