Kia Sportage: Warning lights / Parking Brake & Brake Fluid Warning Light

Kia Sportage QL (2015-2021) Owners Manual / Features of your vehicle / Warning and indicator lights / Warning lights / Parking Brake & Brake Fluid Warning Light

This warning light illuminates:

If the brake fluid level in the reservoir is low:

1. Drive carefully to the nearest safe location and stop your vehicle.

2. With the engine stopped, check the brake fluid level immediately and add fluid as required (For more details, refer to “Brake Fluid” in chapter 8).

Then check all brake components for fluid leaks. If any leaks in the brake system are still found, the warning light remains on, or the brakes do not operate properly, do not drive the vehicle.

In this case, have your vehicle towed to an authorized Kia dealer and inspected.

Dual-diagonal braking system

Your vehicle is equipped with dualdiagonal braking systems. This means you still have braking on two wheels even if one of the dual systems should fail.

With only one of the dual systems working, more than normal pedal travel and greater pedal pressure are required to stop the vehicle.

Also, the vehicle will not stop in as short a distance with only a portion of the brake system working.

If the brakes fail while you are driving, shift to a lower gear for additional engine braking and stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so.

Driving the vehicle with a warning light ON is dangerous. If the Parking Brake & Brake Fluid Warning Light illuminate with the parking brake released, it indicates that the brake fluid level is low.

In this case, have your vehicle inspected by an authorized Kia dealer.

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