Kia Sportage: Doors and Locks / Smart Unlocks. Autolock (If Equipped)

Lincoln Corsair Owners Manual / Doors and Locks / Smart Unlocks. Autolock (If Equipped)

Smart Unlocks

This feature helps to prevent you from unintentionally locking your intelligent access key inside the passenger compartment or rear cargo area.

When you lock your vehicle with the door open and the ignition off, your vehicle searches for an intelligent access key in the passenger compartment after you close the door. If your vehicle finds a key, all the doors immediately unlock.

You can override the smart unlock feature and intentionally lock the intelligent access key inside your vehicle. To do this, lock your vehicle after you have closed all the doors by:

When you open one of the front doors with the ignition on, and lock your vehicle using the power door lock, all doors lock then unlock.

Autolock (If Equipped)

Autolock locks all the doors when all of the following occur:

Autolock repeats when:


Autounlock unlocks all the doors when:

Note: The doors do not autounlock if you electronically lock your vehicle after you switch the ignition off before you open the driver door.

Enabling or Disabling

You can enable or disable the feature from the touchscreen or an authorized dealer can do it for you.

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